As summer comes to a close and fall begins, the weather gets cooler but that doesn’t mean you have to cool it on adding fresh plants to your garden. Four Seasons Garden Center, a garden supply and landscaping service provider, believes that August can still be an excellent time for a variety of plants to bloom.  Here are couple options that you can plant this August.


  • Chrysanthemums


This foliage not only flourishes in the Autumn but it also blooms in vibrant fall colours, making it the perfect addition to your August garden. You can’t go wrong with adding this staple piece to your landscape, which is why you should consult the landscaping design professionals at Four Seasons Garden Center today.



  • Vegetable Plants


Plants such as Kale and Cabbage are the perfect additions to your garden during the month of August. These hearty vegetable plants are able to thrive even through the chillier weather, not to mention provide fresh tasting food right in your very own backyard.


  • Annuals

Another beautiful plant to add to your garden in the August are Annuals. These frost resistant plants will add a pop of colour to your yard during those cold Autumn months and are the perfect plant to get your neighbours wondering about your long-lasting garden.


So take advantage of late season plant sales and come into Four Seasons Garden Center for your Autumn blooming flowers today.


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