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With the fall season underway, the weather is quickly changing and now has come the time to prep your yard for the next growing season. The cooling temperatures slow growth aboveground and therefore moister soil encourages strong root development. We have compiled a quick and easy fall checklist for you to get your home in

Tomato sauce season is almost over, but there no need to fret. There is still time to prep yourself for a long year of pasta eating with your at home sauce. Use this simple recipe and you’ll be turning your fresh tomatoes into tomato sauce in no time. What You Need To Make About 8

As summer comes to a close and fall begins, the weather gets cooler but that doesn’t mean you have to cool it on adding fresh plants to your garden. Four Seasons Garden Center, a garden supply and landscaping service provider, believes that August can still be an excellent time for a variety of plants to

Thinking about starting a garden, but not sure what your first steps should be? Let the garden landscape design experts at Four Seasons Garden Center help you discover how to create your dream garden. Let’s start with the gardening basics.   Choose Your Location   Take a look around your backyard and pick the perfect

This season create a garden that will put the “fun” in functional by incorporating fresh and simple plants for a classic residential landscape design this 2017: 1) Edible Art The earliest gardeners grew herbs and vegetables for practical reasons and according to our trend awareness, this classic trend is coming back in a big way.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birth-year show your patriotism by adding blooming red and white foliage to your lawn. At Four Seasons Garden Center, a garden supply and landscaping services center, we have a variety red and white options for you to choose from. Rose Bushes What is more classic then adding a rose bush to

Bulk Materials Whether you’re looking for the best soil for your backyard oasis, or something low maintenance, you can count on us to have just what you’re looking for. We carry a number of specialized soils, fertilizers and limestone screening to ensure all of your outdoor needs are met. Building a patio? Our high-performance bedding

What to Plan in May – Four Seasons Garden Centre The soil has been turned and the sun has made its comeback! So what should you start planting in May? At Four Seasons Garden Centre, we have the answers. Beans You can begin planting both bush and pole beans, and it’s suggested you sow a