To celebrate Canada’s 150th birth-year show your patriotism by adding blooming red and white foliage to your lawn. At Four Seasons Garden Center, a garden supply and landscaping services center, we have a variety red and white options for you to choose from.

  • Rose Bushes

What is more classic then adding a rose bush to your garden? With enchanting beauty and fragrance the rosebush will have you feeling proud to be a Canadian and happy you chose this as an addition for your garden.

  • Hydrangea Tree (White)

Though this tree involves high maintenance work it is worth it for the up to 7ft of lush white flowering. This tree can be the perfect addition to bring your garden back into summer 2017.

  • Red Maple

There is nothing quite as Canadian as the Maple, whether it’s maple syrup or in this case a maple tree, the sweetness of this addition to your yard will make your house stand out all summer long and ways into fall.

  • Begonias

Use this easy to grow flower to round out your garden. Don’t shy away from planting these in display containers to let the stunning bloom steal some attention. With this patriotic plant keep this foliage planted all year around, even through our frosty Canadian winters.

So, come into Four Seasons Garden Center and start working on your garden landscape design today.



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