With the fall season underway, the weather is quickly changing and now has come the time to prep your yard for the next growing season. The cooling temperatures slow growth aboveground and therefore moister soil encourages strong root development. We have compiled a quick and easy fall checklist for you to get your home in tip top shape for the season ahead.

  1. Mow One More Time: Trim your grass down to 1 and ΒΌ inches for the last cut of the season as disease has a harder time with shorter grass.

  1. Cut Down Perennials: Cut down annuals as well as the snails that feed on them which are breed in the fall. Trim perennial foliage down to the ground, as it assist with having them in their full healthy state for the next season.
  2. Fertilize: Fertilization is very important during fall. It is recommended fertilizing twice during the fall season; once in the early fall and once towards the end of the season.
  3. Garden: Those who want a healthy and vibrant garden in the spring need to start early. Those who plant bulbs in the fall give the flowers the opportunity to maintain and have string rooting before the winter. Plants devote the most of their energy to their roots during the fall season, which is why fall is a great time to plant.
  4. Remove Weeds: It is very important to continue weed removal through the landscaping season, including fall, as weeds can become a huge problem if they are not removed continually.

Looking to get your landscaping into great shape for the new season? Contact our Toronto garden centre today. We specialize in landscape design and we take care of lawn and garden maintenance. Happy Fall!


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