Thinking about starting a garden, but not sure what your first steps should be? Let the garden landscape design experts at Four Seasons Garden Center help you discover how to create your dream garden. Let’s start with the gardening basics.


  • Choose Your Location


Take a look around your backyard and pick the perfect spot. You want a location which has ideal access to natural sunlight and water, be sure to check your soil before settling on your spot. And most importantly, you want to make sure you can have the perfect view of your beautiful garden once it blooms.


  • Choose Your Plants


After you pick your garden location you are going to want to choose plants which can be supported by the amount of light and type of soil you have. And of course you want to choose the plants that’ll make your new garden and bloom into your dream garden.


  • Choose Your Layout

Plan your plant placement. Once you have your plants, decide how you want to mix and match your foliage. It is completely up to you, get as creative as you want.


  • Choose Your Tools


You can’t create your garden without the proper supplies. Depending on what you are planting you need to be sure you also purchase the correct maintenance tools, you don’t want to cut your garden’s longevity short.


Come into Four Seasons Garden Center and let the lawn and garden maintenance experts help you get prepared to start your garden today.


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