This season create a garden that will put the “fun” in functional by incorporating fresh and simple plants for a classic residential landscape design this 2017:

1) Edible Art

The earliest gardeners grew herbs and vegetables for practical reasons and according to our trend awareness, this classic trend is coming back in a big way. Whether you implement this look into your front yard landscaping or back yard space, by planting a fresh garden your lifestyle will be healthier and not only will your garden look good, but it will also taste good.

2) Back to Basics

Over the top gardens are out of trend. Gardeners are now turning towards high quality materials and plants that create a more natural vibe in their garden. This naturalist trend is easy to maintain and keeps your garden looking fresh and healthy. With this minimalistic approach to gardening you will be better prepared to implement next seasons trend without the hassle of having to completely change your outdoor space.

3) Flourishing for Four Seasons

People want the work they put into their garden landscape design to be seen and appreciated all year around. That is why the newest gardening trend is to avoid frail flowers and go for those statement making tenacious plants that will last throughout the seasons.

So, this season don’t feel overwhelmed with your planting decisions, come into Four Seasons Garden Center and let the experts set you up for your dream garden. Visit our website for our latest deals and offerings.


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