What to Plan in May – Four Seasons Garden Centre

The soil has been turned and the sun has made its comeback! So what should you start planting in May? At Four Seasons Garden Centre, we have the answers.


Four Seasons Garden Centre - Bean Planting

You can begin planting both bush and pole beans, and it’s suggested you sow a variety of seeds for 7-10 days continuously in order to ensure a continual crop rather than one big crop that can create waste.


Four Seasons Garden Centre - Beets Planing

Beets are a great addition to smoothies and salads. Start sowing these now to have them ready for fresh summer dishes.


If this is your first try at planting a garden, cabbage is a great easy crop to plant and manage. Just make sure you consider the length of the full grown plant when sowing.


Four Seasons Garden Centre – Carrots Planting

Starting your carrots early on will ensure you have a continuous crop while garden season lasts.


Four Seasons Garden Centre – Cucumber Planting

Before you sow your cucumbers, make sure to know if you’re planting vine or bush ones. Vine cucumbers tend to need more space to fully grow whereas bush varieties can still produce a good amount in a smaller space.


Four Seasons Garden Centre – Herb Planting

Summer is around the corner, so sowing herbs such as basil, oregano, thyme and sage. These herbs specifically flourish in the heat.


Four Seasons Garden Centre – Pepper Planting

Peppers are the easier crop to throw into any recipe, so why not grow your own. Sowing peppers closer together can bring you more fruit.


Four Seasons Garden Centre – Tomato Planting

Tomatoes are the most popular crop and one of the easiest! Try planting a variety of tomatoes to treat yourself to gorgeous and colourful dishes all summer long.

Let us know what you’re planting in the comments below!


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